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What is MINES for Libraries®?

Measuring the Impact of Networked Electronic Services (MINES for Libraries®) is an online transaction-based survey that collects data on the purpose of use of electronic resources and the demographics of users. As libraries implement access to electronic resources through portals, collaborations, and consortium arrangements, the MINES for Libraries® protocol offers a convenient way to collect information from users ....more

Why Participate?

MINES collects valid survey data not available through vendor-supplied statistics, and can help libraries understand their networked electronic resource usage...more

Origins of MINES for Libraries®?

MINES for Libraries® was developed by Brinley Franklin and Terry Plum as an online transaction-based survey to supplement a library cost analysis study...more

How is the MINES for Libraries® survey conducted?

MINES is a Web-based transactional survey that is presented to the user as the first digital resource is selected for viewing...more

MINES for Libraries® aims to:

  • Measure the value and impact of digital content
  • Determine how specific user populations apply digital content to their work, based on demographic and purpose of use analyses
  • Identify where library use originates in the networked environment and tailor services accordingly...more